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Sunlit Serenity Noorangis Cotton Lawn Symphony 1

Sunlit Serenity: Noorangi’s Cotton Lawn Symphony

Luxe – Noorangi – Cotton Lawn

DSC05033 scaled 1 DSC05037 scaled 1 DSC05063 scaled 1 DSC05059 scaled 1 DSC05052 scaled 1 DSC05057 scaled 1 DSC05028 scaled e1676830232680 2

Fabric: Cotton Lawn

Type: Embroidered and pleats

Set: two-piece set, kurta with cigarette pants.

Blue Horizon – Noorangi – Cotton Lawn

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Fabric: Cotton Lawn

Type: Printed

Set: two-piece set.

Pink Paradise – Noorangi – Cotton Lawn

DSC08730 scaled 1 DSC08733 scaled 1 DSC08728 scaled e1684926100566 DSC08727 scaled 1 1

Fabric: Cotton Lawn

Type: Printed

Set: two-piece set.

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